Last Minute Angels
We are last minute angels
barely survived  the Last Judgment
looking for your nothingness in the squares’ streams
some ounces of life, or at least what it’s left
We are last minute angels
As it doesn’t take much to make us fall
Also now that you are so confident
That nothing is going to happen to you
We are last minute angels
Creatures of the lost calm
Ghosts of  sleeping markets
Shadows of your fear
We are last minute angels
Our wings are covered with fog
Sequences of missed coincidences
Synopsis of past misfortunes
We are last minute angels
You can see us even with your eyes wide shut
Even if you pretend we are not here
Even if we hide
We are angels, though,
angels in extremis
Angels in despite of the world
Angels always aware
Angels with no comparison
Angels of pure sadness
Angels of unique happiness

We are so light that at night you can us fly
Angels, angels last minute.
write by Andrea Ferrari
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